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Marketing for the web is an art.
Many artists live in misery.
(I owe this quote!)

I never liked marketing guys. Don't like what they intend to do: to take my money. MY money!

In the real world you can avoid them more or less.

In cyberspace they are there: reading your emails, checking the sites you visits, send you dirty mails, reading your hard disk, ...

These guys brought marketing beyond the borders of what is decent, legal.

I hope some day Don Quichote and his friend Sanchez will return from there graves and destroy them and the windmills they built.

Advertising for Profits
I once knew a guy who advertised to increase his Loss, really, on my first communion soul.

Guerilla Web Promotion and Marketing
First read Gorilla ... seems to be more appropriate.

Web Site and E-zine Promotion for Idiots
Special attention for the last word.

The SuperTips Book of Internet Marketing
says don't read this book.

Online Marketer Toolkit
In case your marketing plan needs repair...

Masters of Marketing Inner Circle
and Darth Vader enter the Outer Space for their final battle.

Killer Internet Marketing Strategies
Live from Death Row in San Quentin.

Two Easy Steps
"Never pay for advertising again."
That's step one I suppose...

Auto-Responder Course
Hold on please, we're just cheating some one, stay on the line.

"Discover the easiest, most affordable and proven way of generating true income through having Your Own Automatic Informational Business Online."
Proven income for whom ?

Magic Letters How to Write
A B C D E F G ...

FREE Reports & Cources


Case stady of 33 Days To Online Profits.pdf by Yanik Silver & Jim Edwards (152Kb)

The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages.pdf by Yanik Silver (363Kb)

7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to Maximum Sales.pdf by Yahik Silver (226Kb)

5 Ways to Create PDF without Adobe Acrobat.pdf by Jim Edwards (254Kb)

How To Use Surveys to Create Best-Sellers.pdf by Jim Edwards (472Kb)

Jim Edwards on Copywriting and eBooks.pdf by Jim Edwards (206Kb)

The Spam and Scam Report.pdf by Jim Edwards (218Kb)

The Secret To Winning Every Time.pdf by Jim Edwards (352Kb)

List Building Experts.pdf by Jason Potash (216Kb)

Ezine JV Secrets.pdf by Jason Potash (294Kb)

The Potential Best Sellers list.exe by Jimmy Brown and Ryan Deiss (437Kb)

How To Use Surveys to Create Best-Selling Info Products.pdf by Jim Edwards (674Kb)


The Truth About Info Business by Pavel Lenshin

Let me save you, at least, several hundreds of dollars you would have spent on different business guides and tutorials, claiming to bring you online wealth.

We both read many times sales and endorsement letters the only aim of which was to show us the ultimate way to Internet profits. We saw those screenshots of checks or financial statements, proving huge author's earnings, tens of supporting testimonials and risk-free guarantees.

The distillation of these letters can be put into the following statement: "Order that ebook and I will show you how to make money online."

Now the ultimate truth is that the process of selling this ebook, the process of doing what author does is the Real and True way of making money online! That is the only way to online prosperity, failing which, no screenshots of super check statements will ever appear.

Examine what the author of any "internet business" guide is actually doing - that is the key to success. In many cases the results of your "examination" will be more important than what you may read in the offered ebook itself!

The sweetest part is that everything, except for ebook content, is visible for your observation and research. Don't miss a chance of getting acquainted with real tools and facts of how this particular author makes money online every day, rather than reading what s/he wrote!

Let me approach from other angle and offer you to imagine quite common example: there is a popular Internet author of 2-3 ebooks, who shows proofs of good profits to tempt you into reading his "ultimate success guide" and "feel involved". The truth is there is no rocket science and you shouldn't be a Solomon to understand simple fact - the actual way to success is to sell and promote these 2-3 ebooks as the author does!

Keep in mind that I'm not speaking here about specialized materials, as you would hardly be able to observe all the knowledge explained by taking a close look at the author's online business.

How to Uncover the Truth

Write down the subject author picked up for his product(s) and mark it as in-demand theme - otherwise this profitable author would not have chosen this theme after conducting a research and revealing certain selling potential.

Read all supporting materials author created to promote his/her ebook, whether they are free email follow-up course, reports or articles. You will find there many answers on what should be done in order to reach online success.

Examine how he/she wrote sales letter. How does the author attract traffic (how have you been brought to visit his/her site)? What are referring affiliated sites (discover via Google toolbar)? What particular keywords were picked to target at Search Engines and Directories?

Does the author offer affiliate program? What is the 3rd party processor serving online payments? How does site owner try to pick visitor email address? How autoresponder course, mentioned above, is used in the sales letter?

The list of your conclusions and answers for these questions is the whole truth about online living off of this particular author, nothing more or less.

Believe me, if s/he had discovered some other powerful approach to internet profits, don't you think s/he would have surely implemented it?

For now, those who we used to call "heavy hitters" don't use FFA, classified ads, email blasting applications or services of submission to zillion of directories.

Facts state that dominating majority of them don't participate in MLMs, 99% have their own info products to sell with established follow-up email courses and affiliate programs. There are many other things to observe and learn from.

Now answer me a very simple question - Do you still plan to build online wealth by joining MLMs and advertise them via Free-For-All web-sites? In my humble opinion, facts don't lie and such fortune-building attitude won't work.

On the other hand, if you decided to create your own product and have access to specialized literature on, say, how to write an ebook, pricing techniques and other, you are fully equipped with knowledge of being truly successful.

The rule is to believe in what profitable online entrepreneurs actually do, rather than in what they say!

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