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For those who are lazy, this is the place to be.

Well one of the places to be.
I'm not exaggerating: this page contains more value than you'll ever earn on the web. I'm quite sure that you're not going to kill me if I'm wrong.

The ebooks below contain 1000s of tips and tricks of the most well known Gurus and web Millionaires.


Oh yes, before I forget: there is no dark side on the moon.

DrNunley's Biz-Tips
You should have read this ebook.  I didn't that's why I'm still not a millionaire.

eBiz Tips & Tricks
Please notice the famous egg-out-of-the-ear trick. My kids are really crazy about it.

Guru Magic
I first thought 'Guru' was a disease, but it seems to be a kind of God, a web God, that turns nothing into nothing (but valuable nothing)

Ingredients For Success
This is my grand mom's favourite, but she used to replace the 3 chicken eggs by one ostrich egg.

Selling on the Web
No not sailing, SELLING on the web. Part 1: find an idiot that wants to buy you sh*t.

Insider Profits
Pssst... keep quite, did your hear the rumour that you can earn money on the web? Well a friend of a guy I know, whose sister spoke to a friend of her late mother who knows a guy that ...

The Information Freeway
Please keep it free or else stay away.

Web Gold
How to get started, internet strategy, traffic generation: the gold rush part 2.

A Newbie Guide - The Absolute Truth About Internet Marketing By Ade Martin


Helping people and giving Newbies "No Holds Barred" advice is what makes me tick. I'm no Terry Dean earning an income that allows him to buy a forest but I have been marketing online since 1998 and I know which way is up!

Here's an email, modified to be an article, that I send to Newbies asking me how they can make a Million bucks Online!!

I always love to help people but remember I will never build you up with false promises. On the Internet you can realize just about any goal you set your heart on - if you are truly serious about running a proper business.

All you need to do is to take everything one step at a time. If you are expecting to make a few thousand dollars this month - You Won't! If you are expecting to make a Million by the end of the year - You Won't!

Online Marketing is not difficult but, just the same as any other trade or profession, you have to learn it. More importantly, you have REALLY got to WANT to learn it from the first step of the ladder. This does not and will not happen overnight.

The 98% of people that fail are "Fly By Nights". Continually buying into these $5, $10 programs or whatever just because there's the promise of a quick buck. That's being selfish.

Until you learn that other people, i.e. your customers, are far more important than you will ever be, you will always remain within the ranks of the 98% that have failed.

Use some common sense here folks. Just take a look at the proven successful people online such as Terry Dean, Yanik Silver, Richie Beneteau and more recently Frank Garon just to name a few.

Are these guys buying into five buck programs and "blasting" their Ads to $1 Safe Lists? Of course not. Why?

Simple Answer... They don't work! Not Yesterday, Not Today and Not Tomorrow - Period! Great as a hobby for earning a few bucks now and then but remember that true wealth brings with it both discipline and responsibility.

Discipline in your own life and responsibility towards your customers to provide them with the absolute best solution to their needs and/or problems.

Never forget that the last thing you want is for your valued customer to be stuck half way down some matrix or other and you never speak to them again. Chances are that if your name is associated with a $2 program or a useless service that has been bought on your personal recommendation they will never speak to you again anyway! Bye Bye future sales!

Your reputation is everything. Why ruin it forever just to make a few bucks today? What about tomorrow? Next Week? Next Year? A satisfied customer will stay with you for life and this is the direction in which you must be heading.

Why be a street corner trader when for the same effort your personal and financial rewards could be so much greater and last so much longer?

If you are prepared to go the distance there is now a vast amount of material available to you for free but also, unfortunately, there is even more junk which is guaranteed to confuse you.

Select your learning materials very carefully. As a general rule, any material either free or paid from the established Internet Marketers will always be good value. For starting out as a Newbie just pick those experts whose style you feel comfortable with and read everything they have ever written.

Then go back and read it all over again.

Read, Read, Read and then read some more. You are going back to school but there's no exams here. You either have enough knowledge to succeed or you don't. There is very little luck involved with Internet Marketing.

There are very few people who will be unable to grasp the concept of Internet Marketing. This being the case, why is it that 98% of people who try to make a living online will never make as much as $100 per month?

Again, a very simple answer. They are not consistent. They are not prepared to follow the steps that the experts use because it takes too much effort. They are always looking for a cheaper, faster and lazier way to make a buck.

Hence the huge amount of cheap and "free" scams available which everybody complains about but the 98% Failure Club are still there continuing to fan the flames with their dollar bills. I ask you to think seriously the next time that you are going to sign up with some program for "free" and spend all your time and energy promoting it as yet another "free opportunity" just so that people will join your downline.

What is the REAL Quality of the downline that you have just recruited? How much leverage and residual income have you created through your efforts? An honest answer would be minimal to none.

If you think small you will forever remain small. Consider that if someone had to pay $50, $100 or $250 to join a reputable, professional program, just think how much more motivated and active your downline is going to be.

If You Think Small You Will Forever Remain Small.

To be successful online there only a few simple steps to follow and as long as you consistently apply just basic business principles and ethics it is almost impossible to fail in your venture.

In conclusion remember that even the "Heavy Hitters" don't convert every lead. They have to work really hard to convert maybe only 2 or 3 in every hundred but, if you treat these customers with respect and don't just forget about them you will, in time, have a gold mine sitting on your desk top.

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