Increase Your Ezine Sign-up Rate By 500% or More Starting Today

If you're satisfied with a newsletter subscription rate of five to ten percent, then you don't need any of the information I'm about to share with you. If you're serious about converting up to 50%, or more of your website visitors into newsletter subscribers, though, then read on. It's time to leave your low sign-up rates behind by following these two easy steps.

1. Make signing up for your newsletter your visitor's only option; otherwise they miss out on all of the free sign-up bonuses and your incredible website content. Give them something to lose. Let them know that they could be making a huge mistake by not subscribing, and back up your words with valuable free bonuses and information-rich content that makes them glad they did.

Do this by making your entry page your ezine sign-up page. If you have to write 1000-1500 words to convince them to subscribe, then do it. Treat this page like a sales page.

Tell them all of the features of subscribing, and more importantly, all of the benefits.

Don't sell them on your product, sell them on your newsletter and the valuable bonuses they'll get get by subscribing. Your home page and your newsletter signup page should be one and the same.

Here's the logic behind this strategy. Imagine that your website converts one percent of your visitors into paying customers, and ten percent into ezine subscribers, ten percent of which buy your product as well. That means that only two percent of your website visitors end up purchasing your product.

While not bad by any stretch of the imagination, imagine converting one percent of initial visitors into sales, and 50% of the remaining visitors into newsletter subscribers. Simply follow step two and your previous sales attempts will pale in comparison.

2. Now all you have to do is pre-sell them with an autoresponder that comes in seven or more installments. Assuming you're able to convert ten percent of your subscribers into paying customers, you've just converted six percent of your visitors into sales, a 200% increase!

If your product is related to the self-development field, for example, your autoresponder could be a seven-day self-help mini-course that whets their appetites and that, while helping them, leaves them wanting more.

Regardless of whether or not your ezines subscribers ever purchase the product that you are selling, you can still make back-end sales of other products, either products that you have created or that you can earn affiliate commission from.

Bear in mind that you can also use this strategy even if you're not selling your own product. You can include a link to a product offering affiliate commission at the end of each installment of your autoresponder. Do whatever affords you the best opportunity to profit!

How good your sales page and your product is, is totally in your hands. But by combining a great product, a great sales page, and the above two-step formula, there are no limits on how much you can profit!

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