Achieving Success with Ezine Advertising

Achieving success is clearly up to you, not to anybody else. In fact is a simple equation involving tools, work and goals.

Assuming that the goal have been set and you are ready for a hard work, let's talk a little about tools. Not about all tools, but ezine advertising.

Ezine advertising is the most affordable way of net advertising. There are about half million of ezines all around and the number is still increasing. If there are plenty of opportunities, doesn't mean it is an easy thing to do. On the contrary, you may choose ezine advertising only if you have good writing skills or if you afford to hire somebody to handle with your ads.

What will be next? Let's se step-by-step

  • First you must have clear in your mind the concept you want to promote. By 'concept' I mean not only the product/service but also things like market needs, target people, strong points, week points, opportunities and so on.

  • If your product is a new one, start first building an image writing some articles and distributing them for free all around.

  • Write the best ad you can. The headline is essential, it must capture attention like a hook and kill like a poisoned arrow.

  • Ask a friend/relative to read your ad and to say what s/he understand. That way you can eliminate some mistakes.

  • Choose the most appropriate ezines in deeply accordance with your target people and market needs.

  • Choose a high exposure using Solo and/or Top sponsor ads. Avoid ezines running more that 3-5 ads in the same issue.

  • Start with a small group of ezines. Evaluate results, make improvements, test again.When you think your ad is good enough start advertising in a large group of ezines.

  • Be patient. Sometimes reactions doesn't come very quick. Golden rule: Never think your ad is perfect or people are stupid. Everytime evaluate, make improvements and try again.

    Valerian Dinca is editor of Morning Co~free Newsletter. This is not like other ezines, you get what you need when you need it. http://www.valerianplanet.com/ezine.html

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