The Secret Truth About Writing Great Sales Copy.

Did you know that most people find it difficult to write sales copy that works?

You see there is this idea that sales is all about lies and that you have to be really tricky and clever with words to sell your product.

This is absolute bollocks.

Sure there are people out there selling rubbish and telling lies but you will only buy something from them once and then only out of desperation.

Most people have a pretty good sense of what is truth.

This is all you have to do.

Tell the truth about what your product can do for your client.

Imagine you have a friend and you are sitting down having a coffee together and they ask you what your product can do for them.

Do you pull out the high pressure professional sales pitch or start spinning lies? No, you give them the inside dope, the straight pitch, the 'real deal', in short, the plain truth.

One of the first lessons I learned when I studied professional copywriting was to write like people talk, using the same rhythm and style.

On the internet the written word is all you've got so you had better make it effective or you are going to lose a hell of a lot of customers.

A simple and easy way to write great copy right now is to audio record yourself actually talking with a real friend about what your product can do for them. Then get someone to type up this conversation for you warts and all in the form of an open letter and you will have created sales copy that is better than 90% of the hype driven self centred rubbish out there.

There is so much hype out there that people are entranced by honest copy, they don't care if its rough so long as it reads true.

I swear I saw an ad earlier today on a classified site that read "earn $75,000 per week... We do all the work for you" Are they insane? If you were making $75,000 per week would you even get out of bed, let alone bother signing people up for some dodgy deal?

And what about the ads that say no selling, no mlm, all you have to do is introduce 2 people and we do the rest. Don't get me started.

Remember, business hasn't changed. People still want to buy from someone they trust.

Make sure you have a product you genuinely believe in, do something you love for work and you will turn your customers into clients for life.

All the best,


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