Uncover 8 Secrets To Gaining More Ezine Subscribers Now!

If you've just started publishing your own ezine then you'll soon discover that getting visitors to subscribe to your ezine is not as easy as you might think. If you already publish your own ezine, it is likely you have already discovered this. Besides getting more traffic to your site, here are 8 tips that have been proven to boost ezine subscriber rates.

-- Give a free bonus away to anyone who subscribes to your ezine. This will give your visitors an initial reason to subscribe. With the amount of spam going around the internet today, people are becoming less forthcoming about giving their email address away and so make sure your bonus is a worthwhile one. I recommend using an ebook because they cost nothing to produce and are very easy to distribute.

-- Promote your ezine in a signature file at the end of every email you send. If you wish to be a successful webmaster, you should be sending at least 10 emails a day and so a large number of people who will be interested in what your ezine has to offer will see. Try to keep your e-signature short and sharp; giving information about how your ezine benefits its readers.

-- Submit your ezine to ezine directories. Ezine directories are free to submit to and attract people who are looking to sign up to ezines on a subject that interests them. When submitting your ezine, bear in mind that a lot of ezine directories list their ezines in alphabetical order so try to make the first letter of your ezine's name begin with a letter at the lower end of the alphabet. This way your ezine will be the first people see.

-- Have a good subscription request to your ezine on every page of your website. This way, visitors are looking at your offer the whole time and if it looks appealing then they will subscribe. It also ensures that no matter which page of your site a visitor enters, they will always have the chance to see that you have an ezine.

-- Swap ads with other ezine publishers. Swap ads with ezines of the same subject as yours so you can guarantee that those who view your ezine offer will be interested. This method is completely free too. Don't be afraid to ask other ezine publishers to swap ads because they will have very little to lose and everything to gain and so they are very likely to agree.

-- Write articles relevant to the subject of your ezine. In the resource box of your article, promote your ezine. If your article is well written then readers will look for more of your quality content and are likely to subscribe to your ezine. This is another great way to promote your ezine because you know that those looking at your ezine offer will be interested.

-- Make sample issues of your ezine available on your website or by autoresponder. Visitors won't enter their email address unless they know exactly what they are signing up for. Your sample issues should be short and sharp, giving readers a taster of the top quality content that can be found in your ezine. You could also make previous issues of your ezine available.

-- Publish testimonials about your ezine. Visitors are unlikely to believe everything you say about the quality of your ezine but if you have good testimonials then this will lead visitors to trust you and sign up to your ezine. Do not be afraid to ask your current subscribers for testimonials. People will help you and will probably feel honoured that you consider their opinion.

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