5 Quick Ways To Increase Your E-zines Subscriber Base

Welcome to all of you out in netland.

If you have been doing any type of "m.arkeing" o.nline at all, then you have heard over and over again the importance of having your own o.pt-in l.ist.

Without a doubt, if you don't start and continue to build a solid l.ist, then you fail...period.

So with this article, I would like to give you a few ways to add a batch of new s.ubscribers to your l.ist and NOT spend one penny to do so.

Lets, get right to it shall we...

1. Give Incentives

Give people an incentive to s.ubscribe to your e-zine. Offer them a f.reebie if they s.ubscribe. It could be a f.ree e-book, f.ree report, f.ree advertising, etc. Make sure the f.reebie will attract your target audience.

2. Joint Venture

Joint venture with a similar e-zine. Combine your s.ubscriber bases together and publish one e-zine. Edit and publish each issue together. You both will be promoting the e-zine which means more s.ubscribers.

3. Allow Archiving

Allow your s.ubscribers to archive back issues of your e-zine on their web site. They may need content for their web site. If people visit their web site and like your e-zine, they will s.ubscribe.

4. Form An E-zine Ring

Form an e-zine ring. Team up with 4 to 10 similar e-zines. All the publishers would agree to l.ist each others e-zine name and s.ubscribing information in every issue. You could call this section "Other F.ree E-zines You Might Enjoy"

5. Ask S.ubscribers

Ask s.ubscribers to forward your e-zine to close friends, family, or a.ssociates. If they enjoy your e-zine, they will s.ubscribe. It's almost like your s.ubscribers are endorsing your e-zine.

There you go. 5 f.r.e.e ways to add hundreds of brand new s.ubscribers to your l.ist.

So..get to work.

Wishing You The Best Of S.uccess,

Gary Baker

Copyright 2004 Gary Baker

About The Author

Gary is an expert in building responsive, p.rofitable o.pt-in l.ists and will "pre-build" you an o.pt-in l.ist of 5,000 fresh o.pportunity p.rospects PLUS give you his p.roven m.ethod for quickly and easily using your new l.ist for maximum results and p.rofits.

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