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Top 5 Questions Herbalife Distributors Should Ask When Buying Internet Leads

By Sean Gum

Copyright 2005 Sean Gum

Internet leads can be one of the fastest and most effective ways to build your Herbalife business. These leads can be used to build your team through recruiting new distributors into your organization, or by finding people interested in buying your products.

However, before running out and purchasing a bunch of leads, you should ask the leads company the following 5 questions before making your decision to do business with them. By asking these 5 questions, you will be able to save a lot of time, money and headaches!

1. - Are the leads you generate for me EXCLUSIVE?

This is a very important question. 99.9% of the Leads Companies online today will sell the same lead over and over again. Sometimes as many as 9 different times!

A lot of them try to hide the fact that they resell. Others will say you have exclusive access for a limited-time. That simply means that after you have had it a day or two, then they sell it again to someone else.

So make sure you are getting LIFETIME EXCLUSIVE leads. LIFETIME EXCLUSIVE leads are what you get at Your leads are NEVER resold to anyone else!

2. - Are the leads delivered to me in REAL-TIME?

A lot of companies will not deliver your leads to you in real-time. That should send up a red flag that the leads are also not exclusive!

Since they cannot deliver your leads to you in real-time, they may of already been sold many times before it has reached you! At, all leads are delivered in REAL-TIME as they submit their surveys.

In fact, is the *ONLY* Leads company to offer LIVE "CHAT" Leads. As soon as the prospect submits their survey, they are immediately connected to you via a chat window in real-time!

3. - Can I return any BAD LEADS?

Most companies will not allow you to return any bad leads that you might receive. We have found that even with a ton of validity checks on the leads submitted, some leads still get through with bad information.

Therefore, you want to make sure that the company you do business with has a liberal return policy. At, we have one of the most liberal return policies for bad leads.

4. - Can I control my delivery?

You want to find out if your leads delivery will be spread out over several days, or will they dump them all on you in one big batch. Unless you are Superman, you might not want a batch of 100 leads delivered to you all in one day!

At, you have complete control over your daily amount! You can even turn them off if you need to stop delivery for awhile.

5. - Can you offer a redirect?

A redirect means that when a lead submits their survey that generates the lead, the system will "redirect" that lead to your own personal website! If the company is not able to offer you a redirect, put up another red flag!

Normally when a company cannot provide a redirect, it is because they are generating leads from "Co-Reg" pages.

What is a "Co-Reg"? A "Co-Reg" or Co-registration is when a person signs up for a newsletter of some type, they are given the option to get more information on other companies by clicking 5 or more checkboxes. A lot of times they are forced into selecting at least 3 or more. These are VERY LOW quality leads. You want to stay away from companies that generate their leads this way.

At, we generate our leads from Search Engine Networks and our own Affiliate Network to insure the quality and consistency of our leads.

And of course we can offer redirects as an option!

By asking these 5 questions before purchasing any leads from any company, you can avoid the pitfalls that come with a lot of less-than-honest lead businesses out there in the Internet World!

Of course, you can also avoid these pitfalls by opening an account at!

About the author:
Sean Gum is the president of Magnificent Enterprises, Inc and founder of a leading Internet leads generation company. He offers a free newsletter on how to quickly grow your network marketing business by utilizing the power of the Internet. Sign up for free at

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