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Articles - Do They Open The Way To Search Engine Rankings?

By Cindy J. Warner

Who doesn't want to get high rankings in the search engines their website. I've read everywhere and have been sold a bill of goods that writing and publishing your own articles get you to the top of the search engines.

Think this through with me. You will see for yourself it's not altogether true.

Let me paint a picture for you. . . You pick a keyword or keyphrase and write an article using your keyword or keyphrase that you think will rank well.

Next you submit your article to all the places you can submit articles
to, ezines, directories and article submission sites. (I know what I'm talking about, because I did this very thing). Wow! Your article gets published in many places, maybe hundreds.

Now you have hundreds of links pointing back to your main site…But what I found to be true was my own site never shows
up in the top ten results for that specific keyword or keyphrase.

Rather, you discover that there are lots of other sites carrying your article that out rank yours. You've lost a great opportunity to reach high rankings for your keyword or

What have I done wrong, you ask yourself. Why you just gave your keyword filled article to possible people who
compete with you because they can publish your article on their website. They get the high ranking and your
ranking stays the same.

So, how did this happen? Right from the start, your article was used for the wrong purpose. (This was a hard lesson for me to discover).

The right way to use articles to hike up your search engine rankings.

· Putting one of a kind articles on your website
Articles made available for reprint by you, now have the possibility of being published on hundreds of other sites,
which means, they no longer meet the requirements as one of a kind or unique content.

· Feed the Spider
Look at this way. Your articles are like crumbs dropped along a path.

When you publish your articles all over the web it's like leaving a trail of food for someone to follow (the search engines in this case). But where do you want the search engines to go as they follow the trail (food for the Spider)? BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE!

Back to your one of a kind content (such as a report, article you wrote just for your website.)

· Keywords - Place keywords in your Resource Box As Anchor Text.
This is the important point. Place your keyword or keyphrase in the anchor text of the article resource box that has a link pointing back to your unique content.

What happens is you make hundreds of keyword links pointing back to the your well optimized report on your website, and give your pages a gigantic advantage
over other websites.

Many times this alone is enough to take your Website to the top of the search results, particularly with Google and MSN.

These tips are a few steps you need to get a high ranking for the keywords that you have chosen.

About the author:
Cindy Warner owner of Christian Book Outlet, writes about Internet marketing and learning how to get Free traffic to your site. Visit her at http://www.christianbookoutlet.spreadtheword.comfor more tips like this one.

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