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3 Freebies That Guarantees Constant Traffic
by: Oluwafisayo Akinlolu
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3 Freebies That Guarantees Constant Traffic
By Oluwafisayo

In 1931, Ted and Dorothy Hustead decided to
move to a town that had four things; a good
school, a Catholic Church, a doctor and an

They wanted to open their own pharmacy.

They eventually chose Wall, South Dakota, as
the perfect location. To others, however,
Wall seemed to be in the middle of
nowhere - somewhere between the Black Hills
and the Badlands.

The first year was a tough one - thick dust,
intense heat, and strong winds.

In their desire to move on to a more
welcoming place, tired, throat - perched
travellers rarely stopped. Then, Ted and
Dorothy came up with an idea.

They made a sign that read: Free Ice Water At
Wall DrugStore.

The sign became something of a novelty. They
made more sighs and put them farther and
farther from Wall - eventually, as far as
other countries of the world.

All druggists, of course made "free" ice
water available for their customers. Nobody
however, had thought of advertising the

Eventually, some 4000 to 6000 customers a day
stopped at Wall DrugStore.

Josh Billings remarked, "Common Sense is
instinct and enough of it is genius.

"When it comes to attracting traffic,
everybody has ideas BUT it all seem not to

I was almost ready to quit when I found a
blend of strategies that work. Top Internet
marketers use it to achieve tons of results,
brand their names all over the Internet,
explode sales and achieve record breaking
list size in minimum time with little or
absolutely nothing spent.

It is all captured in the word FREE and
truthfully, if you have nothing FREE working
hard for you out there, it is time to get
down to work and get up with one!

Here are 3 easy to implement freebies you
can start with right now.

1. Give Out A Collection Of Free eBooks.

Go around the web and harvest a collection of
free ebooks, then give it away for free on
your website in exchange for people doing
something e.g. signing up for your newsletter.

2. Write Articles and Give It Away Free.

I wrote 2 articles last year and got 700+
subscribers from it without lifting a finger
after submitting it to a few article
submission sites.

It is surprising to note that my list still
grows today as a result of those articles.

3. Pull Your Articles Into A Report and Give
Away Reprint Rights To it Free.

This sounds insane but if you are smart, it
can make you a success overnight.

All you need to do is bury your other
programmes in the middle of your ebook and
"wham," you start getting dangerous results.

Oluwafisayo, 2005.


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About the author:
Oluwafiayo is the owner of http://profitbomb.comwhere he unleases closely guraded traffic secrets of internet heavy weights.

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