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How To Write A Killer Sales Letter

By Michael Chau

Try to win the love of a girl with flowers alone, and youíre in for a major heartbreak.

In the same light, try to win a customer with a description of the product by itself, and youíre in for a period of bleak earnings.

The painful fact is this: products donít sell themselves. They need that human touch to convince the prospective buyer that he needs to purchase the said products, least he misses out on an advantageous opportunity. Sadly, persuading the potential buyer is made more difficult if the business is being carried out online. It seems that the anonymity involved in online transactions make people more hesitant about parting with their hard earned money.

How does an Internet marketer go about in selling his products then?

Itís no secret that sales copies have become a must in this day and age. They have even become the landing page of many websites. The power of a good sales copy should not be underappreciated. Sales copies can convert an undecided visitor into a successful sale. After all, a sales copy is what the visitor would read to get more information about the product.

The nature of sales copies is quite sensitive. One word can win or lose a client. This is why many Internet marketers pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a killer sales letter. Most of the time, they hire a ghostwriter to the job for them. The problem here is that the ghostwriter can only know so much about the product, hence, he could only write just as less.

But guess what?

YOU can write your own sales copy! Yes! You could!

Below is a step-by-step procedure, a formula if you will, on how to churn out those superbly effective sale copies that would increase your conversion rate.

STEP 1: Write an attention grabbing HEADLINE. Please bear in mind that a headline is composed of three parts:

A line that would set up the main headline.

Your main headline that should be in the biggest font size youíll use in the entire copy. Preferably, it should be in a startlingly different color and in bold.

A line that would elaborate on your main headline.

Here is an illustration of a headline using this method:

Do you want to gain substantial earnings even while youíre sleeping?


Take And Deliver Orders Without Even Having To Log On To Your Website!

STEP 2: Write an INTRODUCTION that your readers can relate to. You could do this by sharing a problem that should be familiar with them.

STEP 3: Tell them who you are and share a list of your relevant accomplishments. This would help establish your IDENTITY and your CREDIBILITY. Many of your potential clients are wary about doing business online. By doing away with the unwanted anonymity and by assuring them of your reliability, youíll be able to make their fears go away.

STEP 4: Offer your PRODUCT. Yup! You have to do it here instead of earlier. The reason is that Internet users generally hate sales pitches. If your headline is about the product itself, they might just switch to another site.

STEP 5: Assure your readers that the PRODUCT IS EFFECTIVE. This can be done in two ways:

Offer confirmable statistics that would support your productís needed usage.

Present testimonials from people who have actually used your product.

STEP 6: Enumerate the SPECIFICS OF YOUR PRODUCT. But make sure that this part is not riddled with technical jargons. Explain your productís details in a colloquial way that anyone would be able to understand.

STEP 7: Tell your reader the reasons why your PRODUCT SHALL BE BENEFICIAL to them. This step is crucial, as it is the point where you could transform the potential clientís interest into a perceived need.

STEP 8: For that killer blow that would make them feel that yours is the best deal in the planet, bundle your product with BONUSES, and inform your readers of the corresponding VALUE for each freebie.

Remember that a sales copy is that very integral component that bridges a page hit to a sale. By following the steps we have outlined above, there is no doubt that your conversion rate would dramatically increase!

About the author:
Michael Chau is the owner of One of Internet's leading website dedicated to starting, managing and marketing a home based business.

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