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By Robert Evans

Copyright 2005 Robert Evans

I've been "seriously" working the Web since late 2000. I joined a few affiliate programmes in the early days - more than I could handle back then - and more or less gave up on every single one of them.

That's not to say there was anything wrong with the programmes, but I just couldn't get enough referrals. Why couldn't I get them? Because my approach was all wrong. I've since worked out a strategy to market this kind of opportunity. In fact, I think I can successfully market ANY programme that offers rewards for building a downline.

The technique I have developed is simplicity itself, yet I am astounded at how rarely it is used. In fact, I see golden opportunities to utilise this tactic overlooked every single day. So what is this technique? I'll show you. Outlined below are six steps that you could follow to build your downline(s) and maximise your earning potential.

1) Go to your favourite Search Engine and conduct a search under "free affiliate programmes" or "get paid for referrals" or "get paid to surf, read emails" etc. You could (and should) also consider any good quality programmes you are currently promoting.

2) Join up to 10 that seem to offer good payouts and do not require you to buy anything or to pay a subscription fee. Get to know each opportunity enough to be able to explain it favourably to a prospect.

3) Summarise what each company has to offer in a single paragraph if possible. It should, of course, make the opportunity
sound attractive but plausible. Write each paragraph up in Notepad and remember to include your referral URL (the one the
company has given you to promote the opportunity).

4) Open a free autoresponder account. I recommend the following:

Write an interesting "sales letter" to introduce the package you are offering. Give it a powerful headline. This should
emphasise one of the major benefits of joining at least one of the opportunities.

Instruct readers of the email to join the opportunities listed, then to copy the entire message into their text editor, change the necessary details in the referral URLs to theirs, and copy and paste the whole thing into an autoresponder.

5) Advertise the autoresponder and (voila!) watch your downline(s) grow. This technique will work with Paid to Surf programmes, Paid to read email programmes, in fact any free to join opportunity in which building a downline is essential to your financial success. It is a marketing ploy that has never failed for me!

6) Always be sure to include your regular email address for support purposes. If possible email each new direct referral
and offer them some help or encouragement.

If you know of any marketing resource that can help them to promote the programme, then make it freely available to them.
Stress the fact that although they will be joining 10 different programmes, they will only need to promote one overall package.

If you come across as an optimistic, helpful and motivated sponsor the chances are this will rub off on them and they will carry the message all the way down the line, several levels deep. So make each support email you send to your direct referrals freely available for them to duplicate and pass on.

About the author:
Robert Evans has been doing business online since October 2000. Visit his resource center and pick up dozens of free and low cost marketing products:

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