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Ezine Publishers: Increase Your Profits With RSS

By Ken Hill

As an ezine publisher a major obstacle you face is getting your issues to your readers.

In fact, because of the spam filters, many ezine publishers lose sales, commissions, and advertising revenue because their ezines don't make it to their subscribers' in boxes.

How can you take back this lost profit?

A solution to this all too common problem is to add RSS (or really simple syndication) to your publishing mix.

With RSS, the email filters won't come into play, because your RSS readers won't be receiving your ezine by email.

Instead they'll get all your new issues delivered to their feed readers, or they'll be able to get them easily through
their web based RSS feed service.

Because your ezine is delivered in this way, you'll be able to achieve a 100% delivery rate to them, and you'll be able
to increase your sales and also your commissions when you promote your affiliate programs to your readers.

How can you begin publishing your ezine by RSS?

Just like email autoresponders make it easy for you to publish your ezine by email, RSS autoresponders make it just as easy to publish your ezine by RSS.

Your visitors can simply join your ezine by filling out a form on your web site.

Then, after they've subscribed, you'll be able to broadcast your issues by RSS on the schedule you want for your ezine.

And you'll be able to capture more sales by taking advantage of this powerful way to deliver your ezine to your subscribers.

About the author:
Ken runs the Net Pro Marketer where you'll find informative articles on business, marketing, and ezine publishing. Browse through the articles or submit your own at: http://www.netpromarketer.comTo get started publishing your ezine by RSS visit:

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